Your bitch officially has some bomb ass pussy #confirmed
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I was cyber bullying my niece on Instagram earlier and I ate like 15 mini muffins.. I’m so bad

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Black people be like


"Im 5 mins away"


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I immediately stop texting anyone who says “teehee”

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Latinas fandom
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It’s about me I really do have one :( paradisaic1

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He tossed my salad like his name romaine

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I’m having a really good day this is like the first time I’ve been kinda happy in the last couple days :)

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Damn I got a arrow tattoo I’m a basic ass hoe
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Also I hate kids lmao this kid just came over to play with my sister she’s obviously like 9 and I was like what grade are you in this year and she was like 7th… You are obviously in elementary school child why are you lying so then I was like really are you sure and the brat was like what grade are you in! And I was like… I’m not in a grade I’m in college and she said yeah right and left so in just sitting here dumbfounded

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