• "Please leave for public safety. There’s been a shooting," police tell CNN as they’re surrounded by nothing but dozens of police with guns
  • CNN had to switch to their international news feed.
  • Wow. We’ve flipped to CNN International for coverage. And, they don’t…
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A progression of bad language




Kindergarten: Stupid. Oh gosh don’t tell anyone I said that.
Elementary school: What the heck.
Middle School: Damn it this is freaking dumb as hell
High school: what the fuck did you just say you little fucking shitbitchcuntfuck I will beat the dicks out of your ass

College: what the frick frack snick snack are u doing

what college do u go to

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Anonymous: why can't you see your bf? does he not live near you or?

He moved 3 hours away after I finally moved back home after college like.. Ok we haven’t seen each other three days in a row since fucking high school

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White people out here creating a whole category of fetish for eating human feces but wanna call Black folks animals.

Get the entire fuck out of here.

oh lawd!!!! BYE!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!


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Posting booty pics and vids tonight in honor of nicki

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Nicki will u marry me.. A lowly peasant
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